A Celtic dungeon crawl

Escape from the Isle of Morrow

A mint tin adventure


A roleplaying campaign of superstition and sorcery

LarkSpurGames specialises in tabletop, card-based, roleplaying games with solid storylines and easy and fast-to-play game dynamics. We have three games so far. "Labyrinthians" is a dungeon crawl through the ever-changing labyrinths below the highlands of mythic Scotland. It can be played many times with differing outcomes and has a fun respawn mechanism that turns heroes into villains. It is best played with two to four players and can encompass a whole afternoon or evening of solid adventuring. "Escape from the Isle of Morrow" is also a dungeon dive but is rogue-like in that seeing how far you can get through it is the challenge. It is a stimulating solo dungeon delve but can be played with up to four players to enable more combat and less strategic running away. "666" is another solid narrative-based game, semi-inspired by the book/card mechanic of Gloomhaven. 666 is like playing four games in one. It starts with a whodunnit, with players collecting gold for solving mysteries. Then it moves into a stealth city-crawl, then a choose-your-own-adventure style, culminating in a classic wargame across the entire tabletop. It is also unique because the group is the gamemaster, making creative and big decisions as the Guild of the Hound. The game uses three six-sided dice for combat and magic, hence the title. 666 is an afternoon or evening of creepy fun or can be played as one-shots over a series of get-togethers. Each LarkSpur game is available to order on The Game Crafter site. Depending on where you live, it can take up to six weeks to arrive. Publishers interested in distributing the games in physical stores, please get in touch with me at

Dr Ross McLennan (Game Designer)